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We have 4 luxury minivans air-con Mercedes Vito Tourer which are located in the seaside town of Saranda which are in close proximity to a range of premier locations including Daily Tours. ➡️The first tour includes four pleaces, Gjirokaster visit time 2.30 hours, Blue Eye visit time 2 hours ticket price just 50cent, Lekursi Castle visit time 30min free entrance, Mesopotam Monastery visit time 30min free entrance. Departure 9.00am return 18.00pm. The price 40 Euro per person. ➡️The second tour includes The Valley of Vjosa River, Thermal Baths visit time 2 hours free entrance, Permeti Town and many stops along the way. Departure 9.00am return 18.00pm. The price 50 Euro per person.Others trips are available please message for more details.

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Albania Minivans Tours
An unforgettable historical and natural day. Just what you are looking for in a day tour near Saranda.

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The origin of the city starts with the castle of Gjirokastra, built in IV century AD.The main characteristic of Gjirokastra is the intensive use of stone in building the houses, which look like small fortresses, the streets of cobblestone, which all lead to Bazaar.


The Blue Eye (Syri i Kaltër in Albanian) is a water spring and initial water source of the Bistricë, a 25 km long river which ends in the Ionian Seat just south of Saranda. The source is a natural phenomenon with a depth of at least 50 meters, the deepest any diver has been able to go, so the actual depth is even unknown.


Lekursi Castle is located on Lekursi Hill and can only be reached via a small road that goes around the back of the hill. From the center of Saranda it’s about 3 to 4 kilometers to the castle and if you decide to hike up the hill, this will take you approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The asphated road is in a good condition so you can easily drive there and there is plenty of space to park as well.


The monastery is thought to have been built in 1224 or 1225. It was once enclosed by a circular wall which is today only partly preserved. Its double apse makes it unique in its genre, and it is thought of as this was due to the monastery being used by two religious rites (Catholic and Orthodox).


The thermal waters of Benja (Bënjë) are natural sulfur springs with water rising up through deep tectonic cracks. In total there are 6 springs with each having water following a natural way up into a stone bath. You can find these thermal baths on both sides alongside the Lengarica Canyon. The biggest and most famous bath is next to the iconic Kadiut Bridge at the start of the Lengarica Canyon, so obviously, this is also the busiest one. You can find the other, smaller baths further up in the canyon.


Today, the Vjosa River in Albania, one of the last wild rivers of Europe is declared a National Park by the Albanian Government, becoming the first Wild River National Park in Europe. In future, the Vjosa will be conserved as a living, free-flowing river, to the benefit of people and nature. This is the result of a unique collaboration between the Albanian Government, local and international experts, environmental NGOs from the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), and outdoor clothing company Patagonia.


The city of Roses is one of the cities of Gjirokastrër district. Përmet is located in a mountainous and hilly area with very broken and diverse relief, where the peak of Paping on mount Nëmërçka is prominent. It is located in the southeast of Albania and borders to the south by Gjirokastra; with Skrapar and Berat to the North, Kolonja to the east and Tepelena to the west.


The Kadiut Bridge is an old Ottoman stone footbridge over the Lengarica River near Përmet. The bridge was built in the 18th century and marks the beginning of the magnificent Lengarica Canyon. Around the bridge, you’ll also find the Benja Thermal Baths.


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Went on a tour today and it was amazing. Did a full day and went to 4 different places. My favourite was the blue eye, but all the places where fantastic. The guide was great and very informative.

-Jennifer C

Perfect trip day ever!It’s great to reach so many pleases and learnt something about Albanian culture

-Maja K

I was on a 1 day trip to Blue Eye and Gjirokaster. Great guide, very helpful and interesting telling about the places visited. I really recommend.


My favorite place Is blu Eye so very beautifull with Saranda minivans tour,Ilir - an excellent driver and guide and a good Company

-Armando de Klerk

An unforgettable historical and natural day. Just what you are looking for in a day tour near Saranda.